Wilson Oryema for The Wildsmith Papers

Wise Words
by Wilson Oryema
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12 years can represent many things
Just one year short of a baker's dozen

A zodiac cycle
3 world cups
Or 3 olympic games
depending on your preference

A billion births
Many, many deaths

Most due to disease
Some by vehicles
Fewer from “Natural causes”
We mourn all the same

Meanwhile the news just said the stats will most likely change
With sharp increase
If we let the planet temperature raise
And 12 years is all we have to make a change
No more
But maybe even less if we’re not careful and choose to do the same

Lock your doors and windows when it’s cold
Leave them open when it’s warm
Save your energy!
Reuse your bottles and containers
And avoid single-use plastics like the plague!
Keep your meat intake low
And try to only consume that which is least intensive on resources
Or easily replenishable
Because although we live in abundance
The chances we’ll make it through are woefully low
But keep your head up
Do what you can and then some more
Tell your neighbour to do the same
And check on them from time to time in case you need to remind them again