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If you could invent any beauty product, what would it be?
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Annabel Rivkin

Annabel Rivkin is an author, journalist, podcaster and co-founder of The Midult (@themidult). She has written for everyone from The Times to Vogue and has weekly columns in the Evening Standard and The Telegraph Magazine. Her book and podcast are both called I’m Absolutely Fine, delving into all the glamour and indignity of being a grown-up woman.

The Mask – a cream that would make you invisible only to people that you know. So you could trundle out into the world and never bump into someone annoying from your past (or present) and have to make small talk.

Wilson Oryema

Wilson Oryema is a multidisciplinary artist and writer who lives and works in London. His work primarily focuses on the theme of consumption and the different ways it impacts human behaviour and the environment/planet; which he explores through text, image, film, and more. Wilson has featured in various solo and group exhibitions internationally. He released his first book, the self-published “Wait” in 2017 and a sequel is due for release in late 2019.

If I could, I would invent a blood pimple remover.

Claire Coleman

Claire Coleman is a freelance journalist and editor with a particular interest in the science behind beauty. She writes regularly for a number of national newspapers and magazines, including the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, Metro, Red and Fabulous. Her aim, when writing is to engage her NASA scientist father with the rigour with which she tackles scientific concepts, but also make her copy appealing for her mother, an actress who switches off at the mention of the word “molecule” and just wants to know how to get rid of her wrinkles

My cupboards are testament to the fact that the world doesn’t really need any more products, but the beauty invention that would revolutionise my life would be the machine that removes my make up, cleanses my face and applies my serums and moisturiser before bed, on those nights when I’m just exhausted. Sometimes I love the ritual of it all, but sometimes, I just want those extra 10 minutes of sleep.

Beatrice Aidin

Beatrice Aidin is a five-times Financial Times award-winning journalist, based in London. She is a regular contributor to the FT’s How to Spend It and specialises in interviews with designers, perfumers, CEOs of multinationals, Michelin star-winning chefs as well as articles about new restaurants, beauty features and everything in-between. She also writes and has written for The Telegraph, The Times, Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar, FT Weekend and The New York Times.

  1. In my adage, an eyelid primer that stops 40-something sweaty eyelids when you apply make-up, and eyeliner repeating itself on the eyelid. Found a brilliant Benefit one. Then discontinued.
  2. A toothpaste that stops your lipstick sticking to your teeth or maybe a lippy that is repelled by teeth.
  3. Botox in a cream (cue hollow laughter and quite right too).