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Vegan; omnivore, or carnivore? Where does your heart lie?
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Kate Morris

is a journalist, novelist and columnist and has contributed to a raft of magazines and newspapers, including The Times, The Guardian, The Spectator and The Observer. She also works for the British Red Cross as a community manager.

“My heart screams vegan, for all the reasons I wrote about in my piece this month — animal welfare, my health and the planet.  However I am not particularly disciplined and I think this is a reaction against my days at boarding school where the rules were so petty and rigid.  I feel I need a bit of fish and therefore it’s acceptable to eat fish occasionally.  I would prefer to be a Vegan in an idea world, as fish are sentient beings too and the methods of farming fish are just as horrific as the mass farming of pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, cows, the list goes on.”

Michalis Christodoulou

is a London-based fashion artist who creates stylish hand-drawn images for an extensive client list including Christian Dior Couture, D&G Beauty, Christie’s, Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel Joaillerie.

“I have been a Vegetarian going on Vegan and loving it for many years, it was a natural process for me that started with a desire to be healthier and leaner, more balanced and fitter in the gym.”

David Annand

is a freelance editor and writer. He is a contributing editor to Condé Nast Traveller, and has been associate editor of GQ Style and Man About Town. He contributes to Mr & Mrs Smith and has written about all manner of things for The Telegraph, GQ, Literary Review and Time Out.

“I stopped eating meat and fish a couple of years ago and I’ve become a pulses fundamentalist. I’m serious. Watch this space:

Clemmie Fraser

started out as a freelance travel writer for Tatler, Country Life, The Evening Standard and Vanity Fair, before having too many children and converting to writing about gardening for The Lady and Gardenista.  She lives between London and Gloucestershire with her husband, four children and a weird number of pets.

“Omnivore.  Which is basically vegetarian till someone offers you steak and chips with béarnaise sauce on the side. Or roast chicken.”

Poppy Amberg

is an aspiring young writer with a particular passion for healing and metaphysical medicine.

“Absolutely vegan- it’s the future of individual health and the health of our planet.”