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The question this issue: Who or what would you like to give marching orders
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Tom Loxley and Victoria Gaiger

Tom Loxley, together with his wife, fashion director Victoria Gaiger, is editor of Rakesprogress, which the pair co-founded in 2016. Once described as “the Wallpaper of the gardening world”, the magazine looks at gardens, plants, flowers and landscapes through the eyes of fashion photographers, artists, designers, architects and writers. Independently published, Rakesprogress comes out with the seasons. Vol 9 is on sale now. For more details visit

"We’d like to give Greenwich Mean Time its marching orders. Why can’t it be summertime all year round? Light enough in the evening to head home to enjoy the garden until dusk. With the added bonus of a late-enough dawn to see the sunrise after more than four hours sleep. Roll on 31 March. We can’t wait."

David Annand

is a freelance editor and writer. He is a Contributing Editor to Conde Nast Traveller, and has been Associate Editor of GQ Style and Man About Town. He contributes to Mr and Mrs Smith and has written about all manner of things for the Telegraph, GQ, Literary Review and Time Out.

"I would give marching orders to mobile phones on trains. And the ludicrous, excessive announcements over the tannoy. In fact, conversation of any kind. And, while I’m at it, eating too loudly. Even breathing too loudly."

Danielle Fox

is Health & Beauty Editor at Porter Magazine and Net A Porter and has been a beauty and health writer for 13 years, contributing to various international titles including Bazaar and Vogue. A wellbeing and fitness obsessive, Danielle has also recently qualified as nutritionist.

"I would love to give marching orders to dietary fads and one in particular – charcoal. Charcoal has been touted as the 'new', supposedly good-for-you, health phenomenon and it’s one that is routinely advocated by celebrity goodness gurus, but there is a darker side. Activated charcoal at its simplest is a carcinogen. It binds to chemical substances and is the reason why some people advocate using it to absorb toxins, but this also affects nutrient absorption. Even more worryingly, charcoal can interact with other medications, preventing them from working properly – this applies to birth control too! If you want to detox, boring as it may sound, eat a rainbow diet, including dark, leafy bitter greens."