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Who made you love with wild abandon?
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Julie Hoegh

has a Ph. D in English Literature, has worked for literary agents and publishers and is the founder of readers’ blog

"My new-born babies and the sweet smell of their warm little heads. If I had one wish, it would be to travel back to that time, but only for the day not the night!"

Clemmie Fraser

started out as a freelance travel writer for Tatler, Country Life, The Evening Standard and Vanity Fair, before having too many children and converting to writing about gardening for The Lady and Gardenista.  She lives between London and Gloucestershire with her husband, four children and a weird number of pets.

"I can’t possibly say the truthful answer to this!!"

Charlotte Sinclair

is a London-based freelance writer and author, who regularly contributes to Vogue, the Financial Times and Conde Nast Traveller, amongst others.

"I think the closest I’ve got to a love of wild abandon is that I have for my son. There is something about motherhood that brings out the lioness in even the mildest of tempers. It’s also a love in which often you abandon yourself completely to their needs - certainly when they’re a baby. Not exactly the abandon that perhaps this question proposes but true all the same!"

Michalis Christodoulou

is a London-based fashion artist who creates stylish hand-drawn images for an extensive client list including Christian Dior Couture, D&G Beauty, Christie’s, Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel Joaillerie.

"They know who they are! I couldn’t possibly reveal any more…"