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Every month, we ask our contributors to answer our Wild Question. This month…
What’s the wildest New Year’s Eve you’ve ever had?
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Jo Craven

has worked across the cultural landscape for 15 years, first as Features Editor for Vogue, Arts & Lifestyle Director for Porter magazine and most recently curating cultural events as Head of Programming for Frieze Academy. In the new year, she will be launching her creative agency to connect clients to online and offline content whether editorial, broadcast or events. She lives next to Hampstead Heath, and her spiritual zenith in nature is when floating on her back in the Women’s Pond.

"I’m afraid I veer towards the tame at new year. My lateral interpretation of ‘wild’ could be the dawn of the new millennium which saw me going for the longest walk across frosty fields where spiders had spun mesmerising cobwebs across the surface of the ploughed furrows, and the low morning sun made them stand out, I’ll never forget that sight of the ‘wild’ at work."

Dan Jones

is a writer and historian. He is the author of numerous New York Times bestselling books and has written and presented documentary series including the Channel 5/ Netflix show Secrets of Great British Castles. He is a columnist for the London Evening Standard and contributes regularly to The Sunday Times, Mail On Sunday and many other publications.

"I grew up in the countryside so have some quite alarming memories of new year with the Young Farmers. That would be at least twenty years ago - but still memorable for waking up with a head that felt like it had been run over by the combine harvester. You party with the agrarian classes and you pay the price accordingly. These days I go to bed at 10.30pm if possible. The new year will still be there in the morning."

Clemmie Fraser

started out as a freelance travel writer for Tatler, Country Life, The Evening Standard and Vanity Fair, before having too many children and converting to writing about gardening for The Lady and Gardenista. She lives between London and Gloucestershire with her husband, four children and a weird number of pets.

"Camping on a wild beach in Namibia… having ridden through the dunes…  with a wonderful group of friends."

Michalis Christodoulou

is a London-based fashion artist who creates stylish hand-drawn images for an extensive client list including Christian Dior Couture, D&G Beauty, Christie’s, Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel Joaillerie.

"In the beautifully wild nature of Devon, near the sea, with close friends."