Paper VII

Meet Our Contributors

Every month, we ask our contributors to answer our Wild Question. This month… The Wild One: Guy Fawkes – Hero or Villain?
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Julie Hoegh

has a Ph.D in English Literature, has worked for literary agents and publishers and is the founder of readers’ blog

“I was blissfully unaware of the existence and terrible behaviour of Guy Fawkes until I moved to the UK in my mid-twenties. Ever since, I’ve been invited to fabulous bonfire parties by my friends so, in my book, Guy Fawkes is a total hero.”

Wilson Oryema

is a multidisciplinary artist and writer who lives and works in London. His work primarily focuses on the theme of consumption and the different ways it impacts human behaviour and the environment/planet; which he explores through text, image, film, and more. Wilson has featured in various solo and group exhibitions internationally. He released his first book, the self-published “Wait” in 2017 and a sequel is due for release in late 2019.

“I personally don’t like using terms such as hero or villain. Guy Fawkes is neither, I would say he is, like us all, motivated by his self-serving desires.”

Fiona Golfar

was Editor at Large of British Vogue for 25 years. She writes across a broad range of topics, from celebrity to beauty and the arts.

“Guy Fawkes? Bit of a hot head!”