Beauty: A poem by Wilson Oryema

Wise Words
by Wilson Oryema
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Beauty. A poem by Wilson Oryema

Like a piece of string in high winds
Like an eel in a fresh spring
Itʼs hard to get a hold of

Last month it was something
Last year it was something else
And today it was a completely different thing

Tomorrow may bring a rehash
Next week may be a mixmash
But next decade may bring a brand new thing

Is it the face
Is it the aura
Is it an idea imprinted by my favourite instagram poster

Maybe it is all things at all times
These various standards
Are as plentiful as fish in the sea

And just like them
they flow in all directions
Some with the current
Others without

Some opposed to each other
While others operate around the hierarchical systems that naturally form

But with all
we will see
Moments of struggle
Moments of strength
As all things will have their day in the end

A poem by Wilson Oryema for The Wildsmith Papers