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Feel the paper; slightly rough, but thick, the perfect foil to the hand-printed lettering. Marvel at the illustrations, the photography, the articles within…. Of course, we live in a digital age, and there’s no real paper here to handle. But perhaps that’s the point. The Wildsmith Papers is about the illusion within modern life – a dream of freedom, getting back to nature, celebrating our inner wild child. Elusive, yes. Impossible? Absolutely not.

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Kathleen Baird–Murray

Editor’s Letter

Flying back from India on the day of Divali and shortly after the last few embers of fireworks in our own uniquely British Guy Fawkes night have disappeared, it occurs to me that these extraordinary displays of colour - the orange of marigolds in cool pools of water by day, and of warm flames against the dark night sky - are a real gift as the clocks go back and it starts to get dark at four.

Paper VII is full of colourful sparklers too, we like to think. In this issue: the make-up artist Val Garland, no stranger to a little glitter, submits to the Wildsmith Q&A; Beauty Matters, by Julie Hoegh, editor of the much-loved Bookstoker website, is dedicated to the books that make us re-think our relationship with beauty; and the poet Wilson Oryema has written a poem exclusively for the Wildsmith Papers about the next 12 years of our lives. Which, as he puts it, you can think of it as three world cups – or more critically - the time we have left to save the planet.

Finally, this month our regular Good Deeds feature, written by Fiona Golfar is dedicated to the memory of someone who lit up the lives of pretty much everyone he met. He wasn’t famous. He wasn’t rich. But we’re writing about the late Mark Milsome, because his kindness, humour, warmth and talent is the inspiration for a new charitable foundation to help young people get a head start in the film industry. The world needs more people like Mark, sadly taken from us too early.

We hope you enjoy the Wildsmith Papers; we very much enjoyed putting it together for you.

With love,

Kathleen Baird–Murray

Lights, camera, action

Good Deeds

#BeMoreMark. Last year cinematographer Mark Milsome tragically died while filming in Ghana which threw his wife, daughter and much of the British film industry into mourning. The man who was behind the camera for countless classics, including Game of Thrones and The Theory of Everything, inspired love, laughter and respect, and today a charitable foundation in his name hopes to spread some of his enormous goodwill. Fiona Golfar finds out more.

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Be More... Val

The Wild One

Real dilemmas, real solutions – from our real-life superheroes. World-class make-up artist Val Garland, author of Validated, saves the planet one fleck of glitter at a time and talks to angels. By Kathleen Baird-Murray

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