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About The Wildsmith Papers

Feel the paper; slightly rough, but thick, the perfect foil to the hand-printed lettering. Marvel at the illustrations, the photography, the articles within…. Of course, we live in a digital age, and there’s no real paper here to handle. But perhaps that’s the point. The Wildsmith Papers is about the illusion within modern life – a dream of freedom, getting back to nature, celebrating our inner wild child. Elusive, yes. Impossible? Absolutely not.

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Kathleen Baird–Murray

Editor’s Letter

And we’re back, ready for a new term with Paper V. September is the month to take stock, wipe the slate clean, and start over, and this issue we’ve plenty of new beginnings. Starting with your next breath. As Natalie Evans-Harding’s article reveals, with out-of-control pollution levels, as Brits we’re on course to lose six months of our precious life expectancy; is there anything we can do to change that? On a cheerier note, new band Babeheaven’s lead singer, Nancy Andersen, is put through her paces; while Ellie Pithers contemplates the call of the wild from the comfort of our beds/baths/tube-in-rush-hour with her guide to the books that take us out of ourselves. Perhaps most inspiring of all, Fiona Golfar visits the Wilderness Foundation at their woodland base in Essex to meet some incredible teenagers learning how to make a fresh start. Fortification for the human spirit – now isn’t that better than hope in a jar?

Kathleen Baird–Murray

Into the Woods

Good Deeds

With as many as one in ten children and young people suffering from mental health problems*, it feels like the idyll of childhood has been lost. But, discovers Fiona Golfar, a charity supported by Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex is using nature to help troubled teens heal their fears and anxieties

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Be More... Nancy

The Wild One

Real dilemmas, real solutions – from our real-life superheroes. One half of the band Babeheaven (“we’re the best band ever, so cool and so nice”), Nancy Andersen drinks from the Love Island cup and admits to being a bit of a Drake fan from time to time.

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Back-to-school books for grown-ups

The Wild Side

September always feels like a fresh start. Blank pages, sharp pencils, new shoes – they all point to renewed ambitions, boundless energy, the chance to do better. In the energising spirit of grasping summer’s close as a moment of opportunity, Ellie Pithers suggests eight books to set you on a wild, open-minded course – and all from the safety of a fireside armchair

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