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Feel the paper; slightly rough, but thick, the perfect foil to the hand-printed lettering. Marvel at the illustrations, the photography, the articles within…. Of course, we live in a digital age, and there’s no real paper here to handle. But perhaps that’s the point. The Wildsmith Papers is about the illusion within modern life – a dream of freedom, getting back to nature, celebrating our inner wild child. Elusive, yes. Impossible? Absolutely not.

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Kathleen Baird–Murray

Editor’s Letter

What is Valentine’s to you? Red lace everything and a glass of bubbly or the eponymous third-century Roman saint who has inadvertently become associated with a billion-dollar lurve industry?

Here at Wildsmith, which let’s face it is built on the notion of loving the skin we’re in (scroll up, left a bit, that’s it, find HOME and there you’ll find the skincare brand that started it all), we think true love starts with a long look in the mirror and some major self-acceptance. A concept considered with great care this issue by Julie Hoegh who ditches modern-day narcissistic Instagram love, and instead curates a selection of eye-opening books that take us from unrequited romantic love, to mid-life crisis love, to just knowing a bit better how your body and mind work.

Meanwhile, one of fashion’s most-loved heroes – hair stylist Sam McKnight – is the subject of our Wildsmith questionnaire, and admits to prioritising contentment over any notion of romantic love; while Charlotte Sinclair contemplates the simple pleasures of the bath – in this instance a rose petal-free affair, but nonetheless crucial for those cold, dark nights when warming waters are the only cure for life’s perceived ills.

Because as cringeworthy as the commodification of love is (and our duo of writer Clemmie Fraser and artist Michalis Christodoulou certainly have fun reminding us how not to do Valentine’s Day this year), as the world lurches forwards inexorably from crisis to crisis, it’s important to stop and remember to hug our loved ones a little bit closer, cherish the good times, and bank them for a rainy day. Every day, not just the 14th of February.

With love,

Kathleen Baird-Murray

Be more... Sam McKnight

The Wild One

Real dilemmas, real solutions – from our real-life superheroes. This month, fashion’s favourite hairstylist Sam McKnight is careful what he wishes for, but makes time for Good Times.

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That loving feeling

The Wild Side

Unfortunately, more often than not Valentine’s Day induces that sinking feeling, not the idealised love bubble presented to us at every turn. But don’t fear, the antidote is nearer than you think – Julie Hoegh goes on a literary quest for self-love

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