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Feel the paper; slightly rough, but thick, the perfect foil to the hand-printed lettering. Marvel at the illustrations, the photography, the articles within…. Of course, we live in a digital age, and there’s no real paper here to handle. But perhaps that’s the point. The Wildsmith Papers is about the illusion within modern life – a dream of freedom, getting back to nature, celebrating our inner wild child. Elusive, yes. Impossible? Absolutely not.

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Kathleen Baird–Murray

Editor’s Letter

“Your site is way cool…” so wrote Bobbi Brown a few weeks ago, in answer to an email request from us to interview her for our latest issue of The Wildsmith Papers. Proving the old adage that if you want something done ask a busy person, in-between taking care of her new hotel, building a wellness empire and editing her own website (check out justbobbi.com), she rapidly fired off answers to our questions with a speed and efficiency most of us can only envy.

Perhaps that’s what happens when you bravely reset your direction in life, as Brown did a few years ago when she left the cosmetics empire she built with Estée Lauder. A new burst of energy. A creative flow that inspires. An ability to see opportunity.

For Kate Morris, the reset came after life forced her to stop in her tracks, as it does every once in a while, and she found herself needing to be calm, collected and patient. She discovered how to meditate after years of trying and not quite succeeding.

But while a dramatic shift is sometimes needed, there are quieter, slower ways to change direction. David Annand was curious about the pastoral practice of rewilding, in which elements of the wilderness are re-introduced into large tracts of land, bringing with them an abundance of wildlife. In this issue, he sets out to find out more. Meanwhile, Julie Hoegh, a regular contributor to these Papers, has edited a selection of books – and a few podcasts too – to help us all get out of a slump and into a new, restored version of ourselves.

Finally, this issue of The Wildsmith Papers is a very special one for us – it marks our first anniversary. And as we set off into our second year, whether you’ve found us for the first time or have been with us since the very beginning, we thank you for your interest, your appreciation and most of all your time. We’ve enjoyed working on each issue and look forward to working on many more.

We hope our enthusiasm is contagious.

With much love,

Kathleen Baird-Murray

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The Wild One

Real dilemmas; real solutions – from our real-life superheroes. This month, mother-of-three Bobbi Brown, who left her eponymous cosmetics brand after 25 years at the helm and now heads up a wellness brand, a hotel and a website, Justbobbi.com, loves drinking tequila in her spare time and wishes she could eat French fries without calorific consequences…

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The literary cure

Wise Words

Need a tonic for a broken heart? Medicine for a numbed mind? Treatment for a soul looking to be renewed? It’s all in the written word. Bookworm Julie Hoegh curates a pharmacy of poems, essays and short stories to remedy your every ill

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Born to be wild

The Wild Side

Mass rewilding programmes across the globe are seeing vast tracts of land being returned to their natural state, with indigenous “big five” beasts – from jaguars in Patagonia to red deer in Sussex – spearheading Mother Nature’s rebirth. David Annand explores a brave new world of booming biodiversity

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