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About The Wildsmith Papers

Feel the paper; slightly rough, but thick, the perfect foil to the hand-printed lettering. Marvel at the illustrations, the photography, the articles within…. Of course, we live in a digital age, and there’s no real paper here to handle. But perhaps that’s the point. The Wildsmith Papers is about the illusion within modern life – a dream of freedom, getting back to nature, celebrating our inner wild child. Elusive, yes. Impossible? Absolutely not.

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Kathleen Baird–Murray

Editor’s Letter

It’s mid-summer, give or take a day or two, and before yet another billboard with its “beach-body-perfect” ads strikes fear into our hearts, take comfort in the fact there is another way… This way – read about Christa D’Souza’s restore-to-factory-settings quest, removing her breast implants to get back to who she is. This way – discover peace and stillness as taught by the globetrotting meditation teacher, Bob Roth; or for something a little more out there, get in touch with yourself at a whole new level by talking to a shaman, in David Annand’s entertaining account of his brushes with mysticism. And this way – find out what keeps Paloma Faith ticking while on her world tour. We hope you enjoy reading this, our third issue of The Wildsmith Papers, as much as we enjoyed putting it together, and wish you a happy summer, whatever kind of body you have. See you next month. KATHLEEN BAIRD-MURRAY.

Could a Shaman change your life?

The Wild Side

It’s not just in California that people are starting to regard a visit to a shaman as essential as medical check-ins with a doctor. But beyond taking the pulse of your aura and giving you a supercharged dose of TLC, are there any deeper effects? David Annand goes in search of the modern-day urban shaman to find out

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Be More... Paloma

The Wild One

Real dilemmas, real solutions – from our real-life superheroes. This issue, just back from her world tour, Paloma Faith uses Tinder in entirely the wrong way and no longer chases idiots. By Kathleen Baird-Murray

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Good Deeds

Bob Roth is the world’s most in-demand Transcendental Meditation coach with some 25.7k followers on Instagram, many of them celebrity devotees. He sat at the feet of guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 1970s and today he dispenses wisdom to stressed-out, 21st-century souls, including war veterans, British school children and Katy Perry. By Kathleen Baird-Murray

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